LittleLite Software is closing

The software landscape has changed a lot since we started our business more than fifteen years ago.

In those times, it seemed that producing good software and distributing it as shareware could be a good and profitable idea. We had a lot of success with our first products, especially with Folder Crypt and Iside.

But then, the rising of Open Source and Software As A Service dramatically changed the scenario. Almost any software one could imagine could be found for free with a reasonable level of quality; and people was more and more looking for web based software services instead of installing software on their PC. The advent of Mobile Devices also contributed.

In this changing world, LittleLite has to change and evolve into something that is other than what we imagined when it started. We are facing this new challenge with renovated passion.

Thank you for your support. LittleLite software products should be considered terminated and discontinued. Online tools Crypto and Password Generator will remain served for sometime.

If you are looking for replacement, please consider these good quality software:

LittleLite product Possible Replacement
Folder Crypt VeraCrypt, AxCrypt, WinZip
Iside HashTab, Advanced Hash Calc
NShred File Shredder, Eraser
LLCryptoLib Bouncy Castle
NCrypt Crypto